Groups Jonathan Works With

Elektrichka – electronic music ensemble


LOGO-black-Elektrichka-transparent-backgroundElektrichka, the russian word for an electric multiple-unit train, is an international electronic music project launched in 2013 by Jonathan Carter (USA), Takuto Fukuda (Japan), and Nick Acorne (Ukraine) in Graz, Austria. The trio’s projects combine experimental audio and visual elements, influenced by their combined experience in composition and sound-design. Connecting an audience with electronic music is often challenging and compels Elektrichka to seek new methods of communication. These efforts include electro-acoustic, video, and improvised works; among many others. Elektrichka wraps all of this in a warm electronic blanket of humor, however absurd.

Ceasium-137 for self-made electronic instruments performed by Elektrichka at the 2015 Soundscapes conference

Phlegmatic for video and live electronics performed by Elektrichka



Some Designers – designers of avant-garde events

11149790_1614985985397571_3115909197854335740_oSome designers was born from the desire to do “something”. Something that would feel new, interesting, and unconventional. They came together in a group of five artists and designers from different fields and cultural backgrounds. After a first experimental event called Desaturated, they decided to continue on with this collective.

Desaturated – an evening of installations, music, and drinks designed for the Lendwirbel Festival in the spring of 2015.