Coming Installations…

The Elektrogönner Installation, I SEE YOU

A work in the making with Some Designers

Inside of both display cabinets of the Elektrogönner bar will be placed an installation designed by Some Designers. In the larger is a mannequin whose face is replaced by a video screen. Another, larger screen is mounted to the chest of the mannequin. Both hands are holding small speakers with cables openly running from the hands to the chest and from the head to the chest. Additionally, cables are running from the head of the mannequin to the TV in a physical representation of the transfer of video data. This mannequin is seated facing a TV screen which is constantly playing through various videos. The video is first played by the TV screen and, after a delay, reflected in the video of the mannequin’s face. Additionally, the video in the chest shows elements of the “consumed” video as if they were being digested and finally explode. For example, a carrot, flashed from the TV to face screens and then falls into the chest frame and proceeds to explode.


In the smaller display cabinet is another mannequin which is standing and facing the back of the seated mannequin. This one has as series of LED lights running from the base of its feet to it’s head and then running into the ceiling as if connected to the other room. This LEDs are set to turn on and off in such a way as to suggested an upward direction, towards the ceiling. Additionally, LEDs are running in the other cabinet from the ceiling into the head of the seated mannequin. These LEDs are set to turn on and off in such a way as to suggest downward direction.


The installation is a commentary on modern consumerism, especially that which comes in the form of electronic media. The seated mannequin unquestionably consumes the media fed to it by the TV. The seemingly harmless video  information “explodes” inside of this lonely consumer. Meanwhile, the standing mannequin is neglected because it’s form of media is not a exciting as that offered by the TV.


Finally, an interactive element detects the presence of observers who stand at a certain point for more than a predetermined amount of time. This triggers the head of the seated mannequin to turn in the direction of the observer. A photo from a hidden camera (which is lit by  is made of the observer and subsequently displayed on the face display of the mannequin, who afterwards turns the head back to the TV and continues to consume. Also, the photos are uploaded to the seated mannequin’s own tumblr account. Information for the viewing the photo is placed in the form of a sign near the mannequin.

elektrogöner+webcam (1)

Note on videos coming from TV:

While the philosophy behind the installation may be of a serious nature, all of the videos will contain a whimsical character. The philosophical concepts will be displayed as absurdly and abstractly as possible.