Some things I’m working on…

As usual, wrapped in a number of projects all at once. Most of these projects are in their mid to late stages and represent my current technical & artist level.

Video Soundtracks

New sound for the BIG BANG BIG BOOM video by artist BLU

Building upon prior video projects, this project takes a unique approach to the sound design for the imaginative BIG BANG BIG BOOM video which uses a combination of street art and stop-motion video.




Software Tools

Stochastic Gestural Composition Tool

I’m working on this composition tool with a colleague of mine, Takuto Fukuda. The intention is to create a tool to aid the composition process by giving a composer the ability to simple draw a gesture they might have in mind with a particular set of discrete pitch selections.

Our first attempts have resulted in a basic, functioning Max patch that focuses on the gestural draw and discrete pitch selection.



DIY Controller-Instrument (the never-ending story) 

For the past year I have been working with a self-made controller that I connect to my laptop to control various sounds and processes during performance. Every so often, I make improvements to the instrument based upon what I learn during concerts and what I can glean from the “maker” community. The whole purpose of the controller is to make electronic more performative.




The Elektrogönner Installation, I SEE YOU

Inside of both display cabinets of the Elektrogönner bar will be placed an installation designed by Some Designers

elektrogöner+webcam (1)